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Ayşe Ecem ÖZ

Dec 16, 2020


yandex browser desteklemiyor diyor


Nov 20, 2019

Bookmark Bar

Even if the bookmark bar is hidden, the bookmark bar should be displayed on the Embark screen.


Jul 18, 2018

New Tab address

Is it normal that the new tab changes the address to something like:


I'm accustomed to using the addressbar to just click and start typing a google search / web address -- the Embark New Tab page instead puts this random string, which messes up my typing.

I wonder if there's a way to make it blank by default?

Olga Kokoulina

Mar 17, 2018


It would be awesome to have the Embark wallpapers for desktop!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 28, 2018


cant figure out how to open it.

Chloe Bagi

Dec 14, 2017


Um how do I open the extension?

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 6, 2017

Extension for Firefox

Hey, I really like your extension but I wish it was available on Firefox!

Tino Armor

Aug 10, 2017


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William Robbins

Jul 30, 2017

Change time to 12 hours

how do i change the time to 12 hours

wei dai

May 18, 2017

How can I get the backgroud picture?

How can I get the backgroud picture?

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