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MD Rayhan

Feb 15, 2024

Need to run Email extrator in mobile

In oppo a12 I want a email extrator to run

Denise Stana

Nov 27, 2023

Email extraction from my Etsy shop

Can you give me step by step instructions on how to get my email off of my etsy shop. I have tried and I am missing something. I have the extraction icon and the email icon on my tool bar but it is not working when I am in the Etsy shop.

Abraham Education

Jan 2, 2023

Not working like before

I used to be able to go through each page of a directory on a site and it would scrape and collect the emails on each page of the directory (the directory is all on one url) now it will only collect the first page and if I go to the second page I after press the icon to make it red and paste those emails somewhere and then press the icon again to reactivate it for each page. I have used this for years and it never did this, it needs to change back or else this isn't worthwhile anymore.

Oleksandr Soholovskyi

Dec 19, 2022

The extension bug

Previously, this extension collected all the addresses that were linked on the site, and after the update it collects only the email addresses explicitly indicated on the site page, and this is bad.

Puneet Kansal

Jun 27, 2022

How to save email's as a file automatically

As i am clicking on it and it just wipes my email address

Manuel Josef Kenzelmann

Jun 9, 2022

Your are charging

Though you are claiming not to charge I have been charged twice 9.90 And I cannot cancel the subscription anywhere.

It seems to be a big scam you are running. Shame on YOU!!

Kekoa MacAuley

May 4, 2022

Software Acquisition / Whitelabel

Hey there,

Hope you are doing well. I'm loving your software - it's been a great help thus far. I'd love to whitelabel this software and utilize within our coaching agency.

Is this something you'd be open to discussing via a Zoom call, at your earliest convenience?

Kind Regards,

Stephanie Novotny

Apr 19, 2022


I have been emailing for several months to cancel and you are still debiting my account. Please confirm that you are taking care of crediting my account.
Thank you!
Stephanie Novotny 717-278-1515

Absolute Veritas

Oct 23, 2021

How to download or copy the emails in Excel/csv format?

I can see that extractor fetch up total 12 emails but how to download or copy the emails in Excel/csv format?

Michael Rossato-Bennett

Apr 29, 2021

Email Extractor charges


We have not used this for years and are still being billed-

Please help- cancel and refund. Contact me at 9177745074

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