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Hakan Mutlu

Sep 5, 2022

Import current Chrome bookmarks

How to import the already bookmarked Chrome bookmarks into the elink bookmark manager, together with the folder structure of current bookmarks in Chrome?

Jillian D

May 27, 2021

Extension won't work on certain websites

I just downloaded the elink extension and am trying to use it to bookmark a New York Times article that I want to read later but when I click on the extension, nothing happens. It won't open or load. It won't work at all. I tried other articles and pages on the New York Times website and elink will not work for any of them. I have the extension enabled for all websites and I also tried it as enable on click only but with the same results; the extension will not open or allow the pop-up/tab to bookmark the page.

I have tried to use elink on other websites and some of them will let me use elink and others won't. I've read and watched all of the elink extension tutorials and info there is nothing about it only being able to work on some websites...Obviously if this is the case, I'm going to have to find another bookmark managing extension to use.

Enzo Fiorillo

Jun 24, 2020


How can i use elink? There are some tutorial or use guide?

Anatoli Sereda (Анатолий Середа)

Jun 12, 2020

Doesn't work at all

Keeps asking to sign in no matter I've done it already

Chris Ryan

Apr 14, 2020

Wont Take Screen Shot

Sign in with Google every time hit elink extension ask for you to re sign in

Tom Martin

Apr 5, 2020

Utility for existing (non-elink) bookmarks

I've been thinking about developing a utility to link each URL in a folder to the page that displays when it's opened, but it looks like you may already be developing something like that.

Your extension works with new bookmarks, which is great because it sounds like it already does everything I need (depending on how large an image it can save). But what about those that already have hundreds of saved bookmarks to pages that they'd like to see displayed? For instance, Google Maps bookmarks would be SO much better if you could see what they linked to.

So you could have a "batch mode" that simply opens each URL in a folder and does a screen shot to associate with the URL.


Mar 14, 2020

" refused to connect"

Throws this error on a new page every time:
" refused to connect"

Google apps