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Apr 12, 2024

Github issue about whitespace

I made a post about adding whitespace onto the project's github issues. Just following up here for more visibility.
Thanks for making the extension!

Caitlin Dawson

Feb 29, 2024

Toggle on and off without seeing the hidden words

Just a small suggestion--I often toggle it on and off because some portions of the keywords I've hidden sometimes appear in contexts where I need to see them. As someone using this to avoid certain topics for my health and wellbeing, it would be great to be able to toggle the extension on and off without the keyword editor popping up and showing me all the things I need to not see.


Feb 28, 2024


On chrome it turns off after every time I close my browser and then click it open again.
I would like the element hider to stay on after each session and be there at the start of a new session.
It was doing this on firefox, so I think it would be able to do it on chrome and I am wondering what is wrong.

Luke Keppler

Jan 14, 2024

How does the {css selector} functionality work?

There is no documentation on what the {css selector} mode does, nor any use cases and examples. Can you give some examples of what the use case is? Is it simply blocking the exact bracketed css as a "keyword"? Please give precise use cases and examples.


Sep 16, 2023

Conditional filters


Is there any way to have multiple conditions matched for the target element to be hidden?

Taking this page as an example: - could it be possible to hide any {TD.unblocked} elements which had a child element of {A.thread-link} that contained a keyword of eg: ABC

I've tried just using a keyword and then adjusting the child element ratio options but can't quite get the desired results.

Let me know if you need further information.

Thank you.


Sep 1, 2023

Password Protection

Is there a way to put password protection on this?

Nick Maag

Jun 24, 2023

Reached Max Character limit

Can you remove the limit.

Nick Maag

May 16, 2023

ios safari app?

I would love it if you had or if anyone had this app or one like it for ios to block key words etc like I have been using on google chrome on my computers. I tried to find anything and could not for ios.

Kevin Kiejko

Nov 19, 2022

Blocking parent elements

It would be great if you could specify an element to block, and include N amount of parent elements. There are sales websites that include dealer listings, but they look just like the normal ads, except for one or two elements that indicate it is a dealer (for example, Kijiji mixes is in dealer ads but they have a div class="dealer-logo" included in the ad) and it would be awesome if you could block say, 4 parent elements up (including all other child elements). Just a possible feature?

Kenzier Lemmons

Aug 17, 2022

Including CSS Selector Breaks All Other Keywords

Once I input a CSS selector keyword, all regular keywords no longer work.

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