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kishwar haidari

May 17, 2023



I am just going to write to request refund my payment please that has been mistakenly places i am just a new starter it is hard for me I hope this will help thanks.


Abdullah Tayyip Başkır

Apr 11, 2023

Account cancellation

I can't cancel my account, they don't respond to my emails.Please help

Dalton Gonsalvez

Feb 12, 2023


I have paid for 1 year and am not able to access through Amazon. How do I log in. Your email with the payment details does not provide any information on member login details. Can you please assist.

Emad Abuneim

Aug 12, 2022

I subscribed for one year to the plus plan and paid 276 euros and now the program stopped working for me

it's telling me that i'm on the basic plan. I contacted them and attached the invoice and no one answered yet I'm very upset


Nov 12, 2020

It does not work while I click for product tracking

It does not work while I click for product tracking

אדוארד יוסופוב

Oct 15, 2020

I paid and did not get in

I paid and did not get in

Craig Alchin

May 12, 2020


After i click to put an item on the track , that item is still not showing

zahra freji

Mar 19, 2020


i wish have good day
I joine with you guys but i did not ues the apps about 3 mounth and you still get the payment from my account and i dont know how can i stop it .
could you pleses refound the amount for the 3 mounth ago;
thank you

Lorenzo Benivegna (Lollo Benivegna)

Mar 18, 2020


How can i update chrome extension ?

Mark Deacon

Dec 8, 2019


does not seem to work cannot sign in and does not appear in window as popup like it should

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