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Dirk Van Rooy

Apr 16, 2024


love Eesel, works like charm - except for Evernote. I use the webversion of Evernote, for some reason the files / addresses for Evernote do not show up in Eesel? Have no such issue with any other app.

Suraj R

Jun 17, 2023

Eesel for Orion

The Orion browser supports Chrome and Firefox extensions but Eesel isn't working on it. Would be amazing if you could get it to work on it!

Matt W

May 31, 2023

A few gripes (otherwise amazing!)

1) While sharing my screen during presentations, having Eesel as the new tab (great feature!) comes with the risk of surfacing documents not meant for the audience. Feature Request: Configure something other than "Today" in the default view. 2) The hotkey trigger fails to work on various sites. 3) I can’t seem to get Evernote working.

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