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Daniela Thompson

Nov 17, 2023

Downloading files

How can I use the extension when downloading csv files from a website? Ex: Online banking

Andrea Putaggio

Nov 11, 2023

issues with google drive fro desktop

Hi, here's the issue I encountered so far with G Drive for Desktop, it would be great to get some support.
1 - if I double click on a google sheets, docs, etc, from the windows Gdrive folders, it downloads instead of opening it, and if the same happens if I try to launch it from the downloads folder. I have the Gdocs extension enabled.
2 - If I download my Drive folder, only non-google document formats will download.
3 - If I set my Drive folders to mirror, only google format documents will be downloaded to the selected folder.

I am either very tech unsavvy, or just unlucky, or please help me understand the logic with this and just how to use it. So far I loved the products, but the above issues are giving me the nerve, most of all because there is the high chance to mess around with months of work.

Josh Echele

Oct 10, 2023

Open in new tab not in a window

Is it possible to open sheets in a new tab instead of in a new window each time?

Robert Seeley

Jun 14, 2023

No Longer Prints

All of a sudden, I can't print with this program. I'm having to copy everything over to EXCEL in order to print. How can I troubleshoot?

Courtney Smith

Feb 27, 2023

There's no blue add to chrome button

The blue add to chrome button does not show on my chromebook 110.0 version of ChromeOS on the webstore. How do I download the extension with out the add to chrome blue button in site?

Mohammed Tarmal

Feb 22, 2023

See URL / Bookmark URL

Hi I installed this extension recently, although I like in principle that it opes drive files in full screen can you help me with this
1) How do you bookmark/see the url
when you are in full screen window mode. Is it possible to get it back as a tab?
Tried the shortcuts CTRL +D / F6 but does not have the desired effect

Matic Senjur

Feb 15, 2023

when opening shotcut, it also opens new blank tab in chrome

When i open shortcuts to google sheets from desktop, it always opens new blank tab in existing chrome. If i open some old shortcuts, it also open new blank chrome app.

Mary Assad

Jan 24, 2023

Pop out window

Now all my Drive files open as a 'pop out'?? Is this really the only way as I need to have them open within my Chrome Web tabs! Please help?

Cesar Sison

Dec 30, 2022

Opening up pop up

when I enable this extension, my google drive opens up a pop up window instead of a new tab. also, docs and sheets open up again a new pop up window. is this normal? can it be set up to open just a new tab?

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