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Gerald Gillespie

Oct 24, 2020

edit server daemon mode inconvenient

EwE=Edit with Emacs
When using an edit server I have to launch and persist an emacsclient for EwE. Can EwE launch an emacsclient? perhaps via the hooks?

Bill Callahan

Sep 24, 2019

Not working for me

This isn't working for me. I'm not sure why. Is it up to date? I'm running the latest Chromebook OS.

Justin Hale

Jun 18, 2019

Where is the documentation?

I see from the comments that C-x C-s closes and accepts the edit. Where is that documentation? I have looked using C-h m and I cannot find that.

Sam Neaves

Apr 26, 2019

Code Mirror

It would be great if this could work with code mirror: for example

Artur Malabarba

Apr 4, 2019

Is there anyway for this to work with GMail?

Clicking the button (or hitting alt+return) when composing an email in GMail doesn't do anything for me. Maybe this was some recent update to the Gmail interface. Is there a way to get it to work?

Victor Tsaran

Aug 5, 2018

Is the article on emacs-wiki still valid?

I am not sure if the article on Emacswiki,, still valid. In other words, do we still need to download the extra extension mentioned there?


Jun 8, 2018

Can "C-x C-s" not destroy the buffer

The extension works nicely with one drawback compared to the "Its All Text" plugin on firefox.

As a long-time emacs user, I have the tendency of doing "C-x C-s" every now and then, but with this extension it would always kill the buffer and transfer the data back to the text field.

This seems a bit disruptive to how I'd normally use emacs.

It would be great that:
1. "C-c C-s" only saves but not kill the buffer.
2. I understand that you might not want to use "C-c C-x" as the trigger to kill the buffer as that would exit the emacs daemon server also.
3. Maybe you can introduce another shortcut to kill the buffer

Arne Döring

Apr 4, 2018

does not work

i tried this plugin. Went on github and wanted to edit the readme in the browser. Then in the edit field I tried to edit with this plugin, but it just doesn't work. At all.

Grant Edwards

Jan 22, 2018

please, please disable notification

Recently, EwE has started popping up a notification about lack of an emacs daemon that, when closed, opens a new tab with EwE settings.

This is excruciatingly annoying. Please, please provide a way to disable this (or at least disable new opening of a new tab when the notification is closed). If I want a new tab, I'll open one myself.

LD James

Apr 2, 2017

Where to place the `edit-server.el` (Error: is edit server running?)

Can someone advise me how to remove this error:

Error: is edit server running?

I see another reference to this error (Posted two years ago), but I don't see a resolution. A Google search of the error takes me to the `edit-server-el` link on But I can't find the instructions for actually using it.

Thanks in advance for any input on this.

-- L. James

L. D. James

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