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Mar 8, 2024



Gizella Martínez

Sep 27, 2023

No traduce de ingles a español

Quiero que la extensión me ayude a traducir textos de español a ingles, pero selecciono el texto en español y me arroja como resultado el mismo texto en español. Por favor si me pueden ayudar con este problema se los agradecería.


Jun 22, 2023

Text window

With whole translated pages, the following is annoying:
If I move the mouse cursor over a text area, a window
constantly opens and shows me the original text.
It's annoying and I don't even want to see the original.
Although i have removed the check mark from the
"Original Text" in the content settings, this stupid
window keeps coming up.
Please deactivate this, it's getting on my nerves!!
Thank you.

salem Bin Abdelhadi

Nov 23, 2022


您可以添加一个选项来放大和缩小侧边栏的字体吗? 这有助于阅读文本,因为小字体会伤害眼睛

salem Bin Abdelhadi

Nov 23, 2022

add font size for sidebar

could you please add font size for sidebar?


Conan Cheng

Sep 23, 2022



axel arrow

Sep 10, 2022


Good evening! I can't install Edge Translator. Pictures are not loading.

l d

Jul 13, 2022



Shukhrad Mutairov

Jun 6, 2021

Swap the blocks of the original and translated text.

Version - 2.2.1.
Swap the blocks of the original and translated text. The original text should be on top and the translated text below.

Ah Hal

Dec 1, 2020

interface language

How can I make the interface language in English?
I can not use that because it is in chinese

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