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Apr 12, 2024

scaricare ecosia sul computer

cliccando ecosia esce la schermata con scritto:
"ecosia il motore di ricerca che pianta alberi"
e di fianco c'e' dove si può cliccare "AGGUNGI"
cliccandoci sopra inizia a girare e va avanti molto tempo, è normale che sia così lento o sbaglio qualche cosa?

Balkis Zaitoun

Jan 25, 2024

Cannot download the extension.

I want Ecosia to be my default search engine. I try to download the extension, then Chrome gives me a notificatoin that "This extension was identified as suspicious by Online Security. We highly recommend that you do not install it on your browser". I click on "ignore" and then, when it starts downloading, I check the download history and I have to manually click on "resume" for it to resume downloading. After that, it remains forever stuck on 100% saying "Adding to Chrome...". I couldn't get the extension. I own an ASUS Vivobook and I run Windows 11. My Chrome is Version 120.0.6099.225 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Bev Klayman

Nov 28, 2023

Add Ecosia as my default search engine

I have a new Acer chromebook. It tells me my computer is not compatible with Ecosia. What can I do?

Marta Frigo

Oct 15, 2023

Blocco pubblicita'

Buona sera,
non riesco a disattivare quel blocco. Certamente non era mia intenzione bloccare gli annunci in quanto ho scelto Ecosia come motore di ricerca appositamente perchè avete fatto questa scelta molto importante. Proverò a chiedere a qualcuno esperto di pc. Spero di risolvere il problema quanto prima perchè voglio certamente contribuire a piantare alberi!

Steve J

Aug 18, 2023


I hate the Bing search Engine, it never shows me what I want and it looks awful. I'd like to use Google search instead which is much better. However I want it to pass through Ecosia first so I can plant some trees! Is there a method or plugin to take the Bing results page and re-search through Google, thereby increasing my tree count but showing me Google results? It's a bit of a cheat, but I'm happy if it plants trees and shows me the results I want.

abu bakar

Jul 9, 2023


talba ky liya laptop sport 2023

Marcus Wilkinson

Jul 2, 2023

Ecosia no longer home Search engine

When I first started using Ecosia (which I promote like mad), I was able to set it up so that when I carried out a search, the page automatically came up and I just carried out my search via Ecosia. Now I have to "search" for Ecosia and then carry out the search I'm after. Very annoying.

Mariana Serrano

Jun 23, 2023

No longer working how it should?

I've had the Ecosia chrome extension for a pretty long time now but starting just today, whenever I go on a new tab, instead of it being the Ecosia tab, it just goes to a regular google new tab. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it isn't working. Can anyone help me? I've also seen other people are having the same problem so it'd be useful if this got fixed. My guess is that this has to either do with Ecosia itself or Google. Regardless, if it DOES have something to do with Ecosia, could you guys fix it or tell me what to do so I can fix it? Thanks!


Jun 21, 2023

Ecosia doens't load on my Chrome home page

When I open Chrome or a new tab in Chrome Ecosia doen't work, basically it only shows a grey screen, with no backround and a search bar. I tried to re-enable the extension, I even tried to reinstall my browser but nothing has solved the issue. When I search something on the internet the Ecosia logo still shows up in the corner and if I press it it takes me to the Ecosia website, but if I open a new tab Ecosia still doesn't work properly.

mafaza arain

Jun 14, 2023



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