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Mark W Mumma

Apr 24, 2024

Extension tells me to log in to ChatGPT when I am already logged into ChatGPT .

When I click the "log into ChatGPT button" on the extension, it just takes me back to my ChatGPT window. I am already logged in.

Alex Semenov

Apr 12, 2024

extension is not installed

The extension is not installed, although the others work fine. Please help me with this problem
my email

Steve Glanz

Apr 12, 2024

Too many active sessions

I just upgraded to paid version. Now I have to login each time. When I run a search, it looks nothing like the free version. It gives limited finds, and all you can do is summarize them. Then, after I log out of all sessions, it tells me I can't log in again because of too many actives sessions. What can I do?

(And by the way, when I went to purchase, it listed the purchase site as Malware and I had to un-flag it).

Jeff B.

Apr 4, 2024

Purchase but can't activate it. Keeps saying I have too many active screens

I just purchased it, confirmed my email. Went to login with the new email and it just keeps saying too many active screens log out of all. I said yes (since I haven't even logged in yet to place the activation code in). Please help.

david strauss

Mar 28, 2024

Paid but not activated

I paid for the subscription, created a login, verified my email, but it won't activate. It keeps taking me back to the login page, asking me to buy the subscription again. I have my activation code, but there is not place to enter it.

Sydney Morrison

Mar 27, 2024

Free Version?

Hi, I was wondering if there really is a free version. I can't seem to use it; I'm blocked by a prompt to purchase a Pro account. Would appreciate finding out how to use it if it exists!

Adam Halpern

Mar 13, 2024

Hot Key

If possible, it would be nice to have a hot-key or some other method to access the search directly from ChatGPT. I try to keep as few extensions pinned as possible. My extensions toolbar fills up quickly. ;-)

Wolfram von Gagern

Feb 28, 2024

Unable to load conversation

For every conversation I get the message "Unable to load conversation xy" when I click on it.

Vikrant nikumbh

Feb 26, 2024

i am unable to add extension i have already paid and purchase it

i am unable to add extension i have already paid and purchase it

please help me

Donna Christoffers

Jan 21, 2024

cancel chatgpt monthly billing cancel extension

how do i cancel chatgpt conversation history search..... I deleted app will that cancel the billing

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