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Paul Estes

Jan 18, 2023

Extension not working

When I visit a site, the extension icon does not gets colored and nothing happens if I click on it.

Wayne D - Exposure Ninja

Nov 2, 2022

Re: Not Working

The Extension no longer seems to work. It used to automatically take me to the ads for the particular page business when it was clicked on. Now, every time I click on it, it only takes me to this URL:

I then need to manually search for the site / page. is there a way to fix this / make it start working again properly? It used to be AWESOME! :D

Ammar Ahmed

Aug 30, 2022

facebook ads

Hello there, I am new user of this extension. How to use it?

Antonios Trivizadakis

Dec 20, 2020


hello i have more than 10 days the app butis still loading and loading

testing totest

Dec 15, 2020

search all countries in ad library

Hello and thanks a lot for developing such a great app; it really adds a value and speeds up the search process, i only have one question or adjustment if possible. can you make the app search in all countries instead of my resident one? that would be much helpful. thank you

Boudia Rabeh

May 23, 2020

extension is not working on my browser!

hey I just installed the extension and it turns blue and all that but when I click on it I just redirect me to the main facebook library page which has nothing on it. thanks in advance!

Courtney Callender

May 10, 2020

not working


I just installed the extension but it's grey and nothing is populating when I click on it. :(


May 19, 2019

needs update

fb has a new transparency page

Kenny Power (KennyP)

May 10, 2019

Not Working Anymore

The extension is not working anymore after Facebook update the info page today, would it be possible for you to fix it please?

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