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Ishaan Gaur

Sep 10, 2023

Subtitles in preview mode.

Hello Petr. For the extension, yes it is absolutely fantastic. A feature that I would think that could be added is this:
1. When users get this extension, when they hover over YouTube videos, captions can no longer be seen. But when users remove this extension, captions can be seen when you preview videos again.
Hopefully this bug can be fixed soon.

Jayden Ing-Nikkel

Jan 31, 2023

remove bar at bottom

how to remove bar at bottom? please help! I dont want it :(

AJ Martin

Jul 10, 2022

Netflix play error

Attempting to play any episode/movie on Netflix with the extension enabled results in an error message. This is fixed when I disable the extension (On Chrome for Mac).

Mark Kudryashov

Apr 25, 2021


Есть ли в планах добавить ещё один сервис?(Кинопоиск HD)


Dec 11, 2020

When I『type』in Comments below the YouTube...

When I『type』in Comments below the YouTube, ⬅️ left arrow and ➡️ right arrow rewind the video all the time.

Liza Ehzik

Nov 9, 2020


Здравствуйте, у меня перестал отображаться перевод слов с английского на русский, все было отлично, потом резко просто нет перевода.

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