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Mike Vic

Dec 18, 2023

Extension proper promotion

Hi I saw your extension (Easync Product ID Grab Tool for Drop Shipping ) on the web store it currently haven (10,000 users) and (9 rating)
I'm reaching out as an experienced promoter specializing in enhancing Chrome extension visibility and garnering positive reviews. I'd love to collaborate and assist in boosting your extension's reach. With my expertise, I can help elevate its presence and attract more users.
If you're interested in increasing your extension's visibility and obtaining positive reviews, I'm here to help. Let's discuss how we can work together to enhance your extension's success.
Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with you!
Best regards, [mike V]

and to show the credibility of my work I will do 7 positive reviews for free.

merve alaca

Sep 26, 2023


Amazon sitesi üzerinden tarama yapmak isterken tarama yarıda kalıyor ve ilerlemiyor. Yaklaşık olarak birkaç gündür böyle ürün taraması yaparken sorun yaşıyorum lütfen sorunu düzeltin

Ferdi Çakır

Sep 23, 2023

hata vermesi

2 gündür ürün aratırken hata veriyor ve taramayı yarıda bırakıyor donma oluyor

pianoo pianoo

Jun 14, 2022

amazon to ebay

In your policy, they say that they buy products from Amazon and all other platforms, but I currently see that you cannot fulfill this matter.I received a sale on eBay and must buy it from Amazon Canada and they did not do it and told me to go and buy it myself from ,I do not recommend working with this tool and this site, my friends


Jun 10, 2022

not grab asıns on best seller pages


I have learned your extension from an Amazon tutorial which grab ASINs on the best seller pages. Unfortunaetly ı can't grab ASINs ob the BS pages. How can i fix that?

Baturay Saran

Dec 23, 2021

Grab is not working on

Grab and next is not working on, can you check it ?

Semih Özenen

Aug 3, 2021

Not Working

It scans first page and stucks. Grap and Next buton not working too.

Bora Kuzey

Jul 24, 2021

not working

grab and next page is not working


Dec 12, 2020


It does not working at the moment. Having a issue with the amazon address

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