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marcelo sauaf

Jan 22, 2022

whats app

please add an option to share through whats app web


Feb 13, 2020

I love the tool.

Could you add Pocket, Instagram, Notion, Instapaper, etc? Thanks

Jack Rozalin

Aug 20, 2018

More website

Is it possible you guy add more website for share?

I mean, there is so many social website you can add to this list share

Turbo Kitty

Nov 25, 2017

EasyShare & Firefox

Will this ever be available on Firefox, because I really love the ease of use, just not that it's on available on the Chrome web browser.

Turbo Kitty

Apr 25, 2017


Will EasyShare ever be available on Firefox?


Feb 1, 2016

Pop-up Blockers

I was wondering if you could modify the app to open new tabs to bypass pop up blockers. I seem to have good pop up blockers that block this app. Not willing to give up on pop up blockers.

If it does work, it only works on chrome mac version, not chrome pc version at least on windows 10.


Nov 10, 2014

LinkedIn not responding

The product is great. I had one issue and it seems to be current. When sharing, if you have LinkedIn highlighted it used to open in a new window. Now, it is not opened in a new window and it does not open at all. I normally share via twitter, google + and linkedin.

Linkedin does not open at all. I have to open linkedin and then do it manually. This started today. 11/10/2014. Thanks,

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