Easy Exporter - Etsy order exporter
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Easy Exporter - Etsy order exporter


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Easy Exporter helps you export your Etsy order easily.

Easy Exporter is an Etsy order exporter for Etsy Sellers. Etsy orders can be exported to XLSX files that conform to the ERP import format, helping Etsy sellers improve the efficiency of importing data into ERP. Easy Exporter supports exporting Etsy orders into import formats compatible with other ERP tools. In addition to finished product order export, the Etsy order exporter also supports custom product order export, improving the order processing efficiency of custom sellers. Feature: ‒ Support single batch export of 30 order data ‒ Directly adapt to the ERP tool of the "Dianxiaomi" ‒ Directly adapt to "YunExpress" standard template ‒ Directly adapt to "4PX" standard template ‒ Directly adapt to "EBO" standard template How To Use: 1. On the Etsy order page, use the filter of Etsy to filter out the orders that need to be exported; 2. Click the icon of Easy Exporter to open the extension window 3. Select the order data to be exported and click the export button 4. Complete the setting template selection in the pop-up window, and click OK to export 5. 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