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michelle anderson

Feb 22, 2021


how to enter my facebook account when it says i already has the phone number in

michelle anderson

Feb 22, 2021

reenter facebook

can not get into my facebook account stop at mobile phone says its in the account already and wont let me in

michelle anderson

Feb 22, 2021

facebook web

have phone number in facebook got kicked out and can not reboot my account won.t excepted it 123456789

Apr 13, 2019


help me guys im' lose memory this account its' not sitisfied..
i have no time for this' account but im need to email. but my games its dire

.ct this email.

Mike Turco

Jan 3, 2019

Does it work on Chromebook?

Does it change (or mess with) who's signed in on the chromebook, when you switch user accounts in the browser?

Reymarr Hijara

Sep 3, 2018


My Avast detects your website as Mal... Why?

Tobias Hansen

Mar 2, 2018


Does this extension support sync between devices?


Feb 21, 2018

Disabling Account Switcher

How do I get this off my Facebook? If I wanted such a function fine, but I didn't and it just appeared one day. I do not want it on my account. How do I remove it.

Cindy Marie

Nov 28, 2017

existing accounts

can I use this to switch this between existing accounts on facebook ?

Zeeshan Khan

Mar 30, 2017


Safe extension for the data? No privacy problem, like hacking accounts?

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