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Jul 20, 2022


put volume up or down as shortcuts with increase percentage


May 30, 2022


no keyboard shortcuts show in option and putting shortcuts in chrome option make me have to put ctrl or alt first and this a problem and i cant change any other settings can you please back to oldest version because it was perfect only what was missing putting volume up or down as shortcuts

C. Sahu

May 30, 2022

Roll back of new version

In new version, by fixing the audio control, I am getting trouble in controlling the skip backward, it is going straight 10 sec, which giving me problem in controlling small audio clips for my office work.

Chloe Kim

Oct 12, 2021

full screen

When I hit the shortcut for fullscreen, controls for video do not appear but only video appears.

Marco Navarrete

Aug 18, 2019

Global hotkeys

Please you can add the Skip Backward and Skip Forward function to the Global hotkeys
ps: I love the extension

Priscilla Jesslyn

May 19, 2018

Shortcuts problem

The Play/Pause shortcut works. I set the shortcuts key as the Media Player Keys, but the Next and Previous button won't work. All the buttons can't be global too. I try to set them up through the Chrome's shortcut extension page.

Suha Aksöz

May 15, 2018

Netflix on Chrome

I assigned arrow keys to seek forward and rewind. But When I pressed arrow buttons Netflix throw unexpected error (Error Code: M7375).

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