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Ivon Barroso

Oct 21, 2020

Having trouble with password

I haven't been able to login because I cant reset password

Sofia Yialama

Aug 25, 2020

I can't use the extension

I can't use the extension. As soon as I press send, it pops up the following message: "Please send your email to in order to use eAngel, instead of using the extension".

chippy mohan

Mar 18, 2019

result of my free trial

where is my result of free trial

karima bougja

Jan 9, 2019


bonjour je n'arrive pas à faire un test gratuitement

Ashraf Sheikh

Jul 17, 2018


Why I dont get any confirmation if you get my massage or not



Jun 10, 2017

is this eAngel extension free to use?

Hi, i would like to use eAngel but is it free to use? it doesn't say on google play.

K. Ryan

Apr 8, 2017

No eAngel button

I have enabled eAngel in my chrome extension but no eAngel button appears when I open my Gmail compose option to write an email.
How do I get this button to appear so I may use it?


Viktoriya Melnykova

Jul 5, 2016

sisthem doesn't work

Something happened,
I can't send any email.

Please help me ASAP

Dami John

Jun 12, 2016

Not enough Job done

You did not evaluate this essay to bring out the strengths and flaws in the essay. All you did was grammatical correction

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