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Zoe Chu

Apr 24, 2024

Chrome extension is not working on free version?

I am wanting to try the dyslexie font before purchasing lifetime font pack but its not changing anything on my chrome. Please can you help me troubleshoot? Thanks.

J Ivory

Mar 17, 2024


Okay so I am gonna try and make this quick but I want to delete this extension but everytime I delete this extension it worsens the problem I wish I could make the font smaller, or not as big because it troubles me so much when trying to work so please tell me how to get rid of the godforsaken extension.

Kelli Coffman

Feb 28, 2024

Extension is purchased but unusable

I purchased the extension for school so I could print flashcards for a student with dyslexia. It shows that the extension is loaded but there is no font change from the original Chrome.

Cathy Davies

Jan 24, 2023

I cant activate my chrome extensions

I keep being told to update my extension but removing the extension and reloading still won't let me activate. I also cannot find anywhere to reach out for help.

Raymond Berrott

Aug 26, 2021

Your chrome extension

Google has put an age restriction on your extension, so anybody that has an educational domain will not be able to use it. You will see that your extension is labelled Mature (which means 18 and older only). Nobody in our school system can install it.

Sofie Dowling

May 7, 2021

Page Background

I was just wondering where the option to change the background has gone?

Hale O

Dec 17, 2020


Hello! I purchased a discounted lifetime subscription in September for $37 from an offer you emailed me about, and find out that you've continued to bill my account unauthorized for a completely unrelated amount each month. Please don't take advantage of people who come to you looking for tools to help dyslexia. I now am forced to dispute additional fraudulent charges with my bank, when all I tried to do was pay you fairly for a lifetime subscription on sale. Not cool!

Raquel Z

Jun 22, 2020

Why was I was charged $59+ for a free trial?

I installed the free trial and was charged $59.99
When I tried to use the account License number along with my new user ID and apparently it had already expired literally within the same hour of me installing the trial. I'm frustrated and would like a refund.

Maria Gonzalez

Jul 19, 2019

How do I renew the Chrome extension from trial to paid?

How do I renew just the Chrome extension License? I have a full year Publisher License in hopes to use Dislexie Font for my Webcomic I am still developing and have not published yet. I want to be able to be 3 chapters ahead of the weekly updates and I am having trouble adding it to word bubbles. I use Clip Art Studio, Manga Studio 5, and would like to be able to just add it in so anyone can read my comics. I figured if I opened it through chrome I might have a chance but by the time the thought crossed this old 43 year old brain, the trial expired? I don't understand.
Kind Regards,
Maria Gonzalez

robyn thompson

Feb 12, 2019


how do i get the font into my note9 android phone please

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