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Chris Bairamidis

Mar 27, 2023

Problem on YouTube Shorts

Hello there. Congrats for your extension. That ruler saved my life!

It looks like the ruler creates an issue on YouTube shorts.
It looks like there is a black layer in front of the page.
Could you please try to fix it?
Thank you in advance!


Feb 24, 2023


I can't work out how to keep the original google font, it has changed everything

Mercedes Oberholtzer

Nov 10, 2022

Work on PDFs

Hello! Thank you for your magnificent extension. I must use the ruler or somehow I lose all comprehension of the words I'm reading.

Can you update it so it will work when reading PDFs on Google chrome?

Thank you again

Thomas Fleith

Apr 8, 2022

Lexend Fonts not available

It's a shame that Lexend fonts ( are not available...

Mario Rafael Marqués de la Llave

Mar 3, 2022

PC support

Do you know about any software for Windows that helps me the same way your extension does?

James Baldwin

Oct 5, 2021

Font manip is not turning off

The Font manipulation does not turn off.

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