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Maurice Gavin

Oct 19, 2021

Clipper Stopped Working?

It seems this hasn't been updated since 2018, is that correct

João Avelar

Sep 3, 2020


Por favor, adicionem opção para poder colocar a data da captura. E opção para capturar sem mostrar o dialog.

Scorpy On

Jan 8, 2019

How to insert datetime into the bookmark?

Help, please

Péter Kadlót

Jan 1, 2019

Time stamp

Hey there,
I would appreciate a feature that I can enable to put automatic timestamps on every saved note. What do you think?
Keep up the good work!
Best, peter

Anthony Flores

Jun 14, 2018

No %url% twice

If use %url% twice in Note Title, it only parses first %url%, but not second.

e.g. !(title)[%url$] %url%

output: !(title)[] %url%

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