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Aug 19, 2023

bug report

new tab duplicate whitelist doesnt work on chrome, it proceeds to close duplicate new tabs under the url chrome://newtab, *newtab, *newtab*

Patrik Johansson (ExileFox)

Jul 29, 2023

"GX corner" tabs on Opera GX should be ignored.

Wrongfully lists "GX corner" as duplicates but they're integral to Opera GX. It's a small issue, but it would be nice to get fixed because each Opera GX window will have that tab. 2So if you have 3 windows open, these will be listed as duplicates (which they are, but these tabs cannot be closed hence they should be ignored)

Rainbow Warrior Princess

Nov 9, 2022


Doesn't always detect all duplicates.

Joe Foe

Sep 23, 2022

Allow exceptions

I and others use various "new tabs" - which want to remain open on various browser windows. It is annoying to have to dodge these on Duplicate Tabs and the program would be much improved if adding exceptions were allowed.

Gustavo Rivera

Feb 26, 2021

Prevent Duplicate Tabs + Suspended Tabs


Our teams work with a massive number of active google docs at same time.
1. Your duplicate tab prevention tool helps tremendously !
2. So does other tools that suspend tabs after short period of inactivity.

However they don’t work well together. Your duplicate tab tool does not detect duplicates between an active and suspended tab. The url of the active tab is usually encoded in the url of the suspended tab. And it would be life saving for our teams if your awesome tool was able to detect a tab in either state, e.g. try to open a link to a doc (that’s already open but suspended) and it automatically closes that tab and brings you to the suspended tab. Heaven.

For example an active URL:

- Here is an example of this suspended tab URL with The Great Suspender (fixed secure version):

- Here is an example of this suspended tab URL with Tab Suspender:

Please consider this enhancement for me, my teams and everyone else trying to get the most out of their heavily used Chrome browsers.


blessing saw

Aug 23, 2020

Great extension , will be better with some improvement

Thanks for this great extension and would you be able to add additional feature that will show or jump to the active duplicate page when user browse for additional page?

Sebastian Wientzek

Jul 6, 2020

Whitelist the "New Tab" ("Neuer Tab" in german)

Is it possible to whitelist the "New Tab"? Sometimes I use multiple of these tabs and everytime it is already open then the new one gets closed and my last tab is getting opened.

I already tried: New Tab, Neuer Tab, chrome://newtab and chrome-search://local-ntp/local-ntp.html

Are there any other things I can try?
Thank you very much!

Best regards
Sebastian Wientzek

Glen McFarland

Jun 26, 2020

Blacklist option to close only certain sites

Is there a way to add a Blacklist option to close certain web sites?

Gustavo Rivera

Jun 20, 2020

In latest chrome, in Google Docs, I have set to ignore both hash # and search ? parts of URL, but this doesn't work with URLs that have both a hash and search, common in Google Docs

Need ability to ignore both hash # and search ? parts of URL for Google Docs

Igor Š

Apr 12, 2020

Not detecting duplicate sites if one opened by clicking on a -app shortcut

Not detecting duplicate sites if one opened by clicking on a -app shortcut on desktop is ("Open as a window option") and another window with same site is opened through a regular link.

Any help ?

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