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Mango Fruit

Oct 5, 2022

Am I missing something?

The extension doesn't change anything, even when "Skip correct answers" is enabled

hamza tabtimer

Feb 6, 2022

dark reader extension bug

the extension doesn't work with dark reader
can you fix this issue
thank you in advance

Ian Cooper

Nov 9, 2021

National Flag Options?


I'm wondering if there's any way for your app to include options for the national flags that Duolingo offers? I was thinking (since a lot of Duolingo users come from other English-speaking countries) it would be nice to have the British Union Flag or the English Cross of St. George, or the Australian or New Zealand flags as optional replacements for the US flag. Also, a Mexican flag for the Spanish flag (since the country with the most Spanish speakers is Mexico).

I'm a graphic designer, and I've made my own flag graphics for some of these flags, but I have no idea how to get them into the game. So I figured I'd ask you if it's possible, and if you know how to do it?

Thanks - Ian Cooper.

Duten Pizdamtii

Sep 19, 2021

doesn't work...

I don't get it, it doesn't do anything for me... not sure what else to say.


Jun 23, 2020

Showing the report button

It would be sweet if there's a preference for showing the report button. The button is actually quite useful in some still-buggy courses.

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