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Ethan Blackwood

Nov 22, 2022

Ukraininan capital Г missing

As in the title - lowercase Г types correctly but uppercase shows in the preview and types as a U.

Andrew Landy

Oct 30, 2022

Chrome OS / Chromebook

Does DuoKeyboard work on ChromeOS? In options, when I try saving my desired language (ie. Vietnamese) it does not save my selection and defaults back to English.

b c

Oct 23, 2022

hebrew phonetic keyboard

the hebrew phonetic keyboard is missing the letter Tet (the 9th letter of the hebrew alphabet although it seems like you have Yud (the 10th letter of the alphabet) twice!


May 24, 2021

Japanese keyboard!

I notice that the Japanese option is not available. Pls add the katakana/hiragana with this the extention will be perfect!

Nezih Duzen

Mar 20, 2021

Problem when you look at hints

Recently i saw a small problem when i study Greek. I type several words in the reply area, then i hover over the question to see the hints. If i do that, one or sometimes part of a word is deleted in the response area, so you have to retype it again.
Thanks in advance for your help.
I appreciate your efforts, this is very useful extension.

Sergey G

Feb 7, 2021

typed text disappears

After typing, if the mouse cursor is moved to hover over one of the suggested translations, the last word typed is erased.


Dec 27, 2020

Cyrillic keyboard

Does this extension actually provide a alternative keyboard on a chromebook? Please explain how.

Anša Vernerová

Oct 23, 2020

warn if submitting an answer in the wrong language

I often do one of these two mistakes:
- write down what I hear even though duo is asking for a translation
- write down the translation even though duo is asking for transcription
Would it be possible to recognize when this is likely the case and ask whether I really want to submit?

Anša Vernerová

Sep 27, 2020

Finnish keyboard; multiple choice questions

Two minor problems I've come across recently:
1) there is a new Finnish course (in beta), but Finnish does not appear in the dropdown list for the "The keyboard must be changed to" option.
2) Every time I come across a multiple choice question, I am told that "DuoKeyboard could not automatically detect the input language for this field, but you can set the language manually."; however, there is no :save these settings button. I suppose a good solution would be to allow me to choose once what needs to be done when DuoKeyboard does not recognize the language and then always use that same choice... (I've not come across this message on any other type of test other than multiple choice.)

Nezih Duzen

Sep 19, 2020

DuoKeyboard not recognising input language

DuoKeyboard does not recognize the input language for dialog questions. Addition of that, the screen gets smaller and causes the dialog couldn't be read. Please see the screen shot.

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