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Евгений Омельяненко

Sep 13, 2023

DuoCard chrome extension doesnt work.

My only one reason to use duocards - chrome extension. And it not working. Fix this issue please.

Мади Дуйсенов

Mar 25, 2023

Прошу вернуть деньги

Приветствую. Сегодня списались с меня деньги в размере 7500 тенге, могли бы вернуть с учетом того, что я не буду пользоваться. И не помню чтобы я привязывал свою карту

Mykola Parkhotiuk

Feb 1, 2023

Duocards chrome extension doesn`t work

Hello. Duocards chrome extension doesn`t work a few days. Please, help us!

Dmitrii Ershov

Feb 1, 2023

Context menu

I used chrome extension for a long time. It was able to add a new word from the popup menu, but for the last few days now when I right click on a word to be added nothing happens at all

Sohrab Kamali

Dec 28, 2022

Virus protection

The duocards extension does not work because my antivirus software claims that it is infected with a threat.

Richard E. Greenspan

Oct 12, 2022

Show Reverse Side of Cards First

After studying Italian on Duolingo for several months, I realized the hardest part of learning the language was being able to translate an English sentence into Italian. I began looking for a way to create flashcards and ultimately found your product. Your flashcards give me a way to practice translating Italian words and sentences into English, but so far I have not found a way to do the reverse, except perhaps by putting the Italian sentence in the field intended for English and vice versa or pretending to take an English course for Italians. Is there a more direct way to tell the application to display the cards first in English and then practice translating the cards into Italian?

René Kollár

Jun 1, 2022

Context menu

Hi i used chrome extension for 2 months. In first mounth, i was be able to add new word from popup menu, but now when i right click on word to be added, only main app duocards opens

E. Zazycki

Oct 15, 2021

Search drop down menu

Hey, you need to remove the Chrome Web Store image. Take a look at the drop down menu on the translation options for "ancient". It's got a vile search phrase suggestion. It reflects very badly on you.

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