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Rog Unit

Jul 8, 2024

Extension error

I have been getting the following error recently:
"The extension failed to load properly. It might not be able to intercept network requests."
Not sure why as it has been working fine until just recently. Please let me know what I can do to fix it, if possible. Thank you!

Gail Kritch

Jul 8, 2024

Lost the ability to use DuckDuckGo

I cannot open any files associated with DDG on my desktop. I no longer can open DDG in ANY manner.
Can you explain why and can you help?

Joshua Hynes

Jun 14, 2024

Extension restricting hardwareConcurrency

When this extension is enabled, my available navigator.hardwareConcurrency cores drop from 10 to 2. Is there a setting in the extension to not limit this? Otherwise I'll have to uninstall it.

chuck becker

Jun 4, 2024

Chrome suddenly blocking DDG Essentials ext

On 6/4/24, around 3 AM, I noticed Chrome was blocking DDG search engine. After trying 6 diff techniques to restore it, I resorted to completely removing the Essentials from my list of Extensions with the intention of simply getting it again from Chrome store a little later. Then I was suddenly permitted to make DDG be my default search again. Now, Chrome is blocking the ability to obtain Essentials from the Chrome Store.

Mr. Eagle

May 29, 2024

Stopped working. Have been using it for a very long time.

When opening new tab, or highlighting text (in Chrome) and right clicking to search with DDG, it throws an error message: "This site can’t be reached took too long to respond." : same

I have tried 2 down detectors, but both is showing nothing is wrong.

John “JJ from AK” Mollenkopf

May 25, 2024

not available for me anything I canbdo

I put desktop on on my tablet in the settings I figured I would let me work the extension store I don't know I've never done this before I'm just having a problem with security in my accounts they took my Facebook I got my time my cashapp chime Facebook and Google
several google accounts ARE GONE AND NOT COMING BACK I'd like to just have peace back they won't leave me alone now the green and red indicator light for the microphone in the camera come on even when it's charging sometimes just sitting there just randomly come on at their whim a guy at SafeLink told me that they rewrote my Google policies and he was worried about whatever it was told me to go to the FBI I don't know any ideas

Dee Richards

May 23, 2024

browser not working

when entering a search request, nothing is loading. Says Error loading the search results


May 23, 2024

log on

I can
t get into my pay pal account or my Bank account, what is going on???

J Brown

May 23, 2024

google removes your site constantly

any search is coming back not found surprisingly google search works and no evidence that you are downloaded.
Which is making it appear that duckduckgo isnt working

Ing. Fernando Garrido

May 23, 2024

Error displaying search results

Experiencing issues on chrome Versión 124.0.6367.208 (Build oficial) (arm64). No search results shown.

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