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Steve Bendon

May 1, 2022

Error processing product xxxxxx

Ive been trying to get this to work for 2 days now but everytime I click the blue box it processes for a few seconds then I get a chrome error notification stating "error processing product number xxxxxxxxx" Ive messaged support but not had any reply.
Please help.

Jacqueline Payne

Apr 9, 2021

API authentication error

Just added the extension to work with shopwired and when I try to import items on Aliexpress and when I try to import items I get the authentification error.

Victoria Hatch

Jun 11, 2020

Not Working


Trying to use the Dropwired Chrome Extension for Aliexpress but it's not working. I get a API Authentication Error when trying to use the blue button that appears on the main image photograph. If I try to import using the Dropwired button to the right of the search bar I just get a loading circle that doesn't complete. Please can you help?

Luke Phillips

Jan 28, 2020

not importing

hi i click on the blue box on a product page it shows it loading then turns back to the blue box, not importing the product to my shopwired store. Dont know what to do.

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