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Kornel Witkowski

Feb 9, 2024

IMPORTANT - Request to cancel subscription - 08.02.24

Please Cancel my subscription asap!! Already escalated several times and no response given yet! Email address is

Marcus Ouimet

Nov 23, 2023

Cancel payment immediately!

I am reporting you unless you cancel my subscription I have asked multiple times and your site is broken!!!!

girl supper

Jan 3, 2023

Cancel my subscription asap !!

Unsubscribe me and stop billing me further!!


Oct 3, 2022

Same as the others

I asked to cancel LONG ago and just noticed I've been charged the entire time! Please cancel and refund!

Danielle Dembrow

Aug 8, 2022

Cancel my subscription asap !!

I have already sent you message last year to cancel my subscription. I have even deleted it on Google Pay but you are still charging me ! Cancel it ASAP

Skys skys

Feb 9, 2022

cancel subscription and I am still being charged

Please cancel my subscription as I am still being charged

Nina Khurtsilava

Nov 20, 2021

Hi, I want to cancel my subscription. Please refund.

I want to cancel my subscription. I made it 30 minutes ago. Please refund.

Planet Wise

Oct 30, 2021

Cancel subscription

I want to cancel my subscription and there are no instructions how to do so

Beh ruz 1

Oct 10, 2021

Cancel my subscription

I canceled it months ago still company charge me 25.00$. Stop charge it and cancel my membership. Email address is

Luiz Artur Souza

Aug 9, 2021

Cancel my Subscription

Please cancel my subscription. I've already tried to request cancellation via email, but it's still recoverable monthly from my credit card.

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