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Kevin Wyatt

Dec 13, 2023

Drone Blocks on a Mac with the simulator

I am using the simulator, it doesn't matter which mission and under the navigation "drawer" of command blocks, I am unable to see any more or scroll down beyond Yaw right. I am certain that there must be a Yaw left as well, but cannot get the window pane to scroll to access.

Martin Siemes

Feb 19, 2022


Ik krijg telkens een foutmelding als in het programma wil openen.

Dit item wordt al gedownload en toegevoegd in Chrome.

Maar het programma is nie6t te openen

Stephen Bath

Feb 14, 2020

Tello Drone WiFi Connection Problems

Hi. I have a new Tello (class set) and can't get the mission to run. I am using DroneBlocks on a Win10 PC and get conneted ok to the Tello via WiFi and do see the battry % but no other info from Altitude. ToF Distance etc. I have only written a basic take off, fly forward then hover and land but I get no power up from the drone at all when I click Launch Mission. Have tried on student laptops as well but still no action.

Luke Martin

Jun 16, 2019

Measurement units

Hi I am wanting to use your app in my school. However, I am unable to see where to change it to Metric units. Could you please indicate where I can do this on both desk top and in the apps?

Anup Das

Jun 8, 2019

unable to login

i am unable to login to the app , i automatically logoff immediatly after login, please help me to sign in.

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