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Feb 17, 2022

aparece error

aparece error al intentar abrir drivetunes o music player for google drive

Donato Sanarico

Aug 19, 2021

musica da cloud googl

ho installato l'applicazione Drive tunes, ma non vede l'archivio musicale su Google cloud..... come posso fare per risolvere il problema?


Douglas Wedding (CyberSmarty)

Apr 8, 2021

how do I delete your icon out of my chrome app list?

how do I delete your icon out of my chrome app list? are you out of biz? doa app?


Aug 1, 2020

It doesn't play mp3 files in my Google Drive

To reproduce the issue -
- open (double click) an mp3 file in my Google Drive
- a new tab (starts with "" opens), it shows the mp3 file I want to play. I click the Play button
- it doesn't play the file

The same happens on multiple browsers on a MAC.

I hope I could have a solution to play mp3 files easily on Google Drive on a browser.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 10, 2019

App not functional

Hi, is it true that "Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app
This app has not yet been verified by Google in order to use Google Sign in." for the chrome drivetunes App? Would you have a workaround to suggest? Thanks, Louis

Samuel Newman

Jan 3, 2019

Drive tunes can't login through google account error

Hey there,

When I right click a song in gdrive and select drive tunes, it takes me to google app sign in, but is then prevented...

I noticed someone else had this same issue on the support forum. Is there a fix yet by chance?



Marcus Griffin

Aug 31, 2018

Won't let me login

Says "Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app"

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 13, 2018

Server Error (500)

Cada que intento abrir la extensión, me aparece esto. ''Server Error (500)''
Sería genial que lo solucionen._.

Hinrich Aue

Dec 14, 2017

Server Error (500)


Server Error (500)

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 9, 2017

not working

installed but not working
shows old mp3 tracks from
2013 which play. Does not
find or play newer mp3 tracks on google drive
chromeos samsung chromebox.

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