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Joseph Mitchell

Dec 27, 2023

reseting pin for cac

i keep puting in the pin but it says my card is lock and wont accept the correct pin. how to i fix or reset this problem?

Aj Silva

Sep 19, 2023

Forgot pin

when trying to test it will ask for my pin. I forgot the pin. How can i rest pin or access that pin again?

Karl Austin

Sep 8, 2023

App download (DriveLock Smart Card Middleware and Smart Card Connector)

I can not download either one of these apps. It keeps saying interrupted. Please help.

Andrea I Simmonds

Jul 5, 2023

Incorrect Password

When I put in my CAC pin it keeps saying that it is incorrect. How do I remedy this error?

Brendan Carroll

May 26, 2023

Is the middleware extension still supported?

Maksim, Can you let me know if the CSSI extension for Chrome is still
available? I attempt to add it and I get an error that the download has

I am attempting to install from:

I am running:
Ubuntu: 23.04
Chromium: 113.0.5672.126

Much appreciated!

Maya Milan

Mar 22, 2023

file not found

Hi, when i try to download this package i get a file not found response...

Kyle Nisbeth

Mar 16, 2023

Source code

Can I look at the closed source code? Just a snippet.

Kimber Forester

Mar 15, 2023

no file

there is no file when i try to download it

comron moeni

Mar 2, 2023

Unable to download

Hello, unable to download this middleware app needed for other plugins.

Ian English

Jan 1, 2023

No File

Hello there,
There is no file when I try to install this extension.
Thank you.

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