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r k

Dec 11, 2023

Will 'Drive File List Printer' work w- Brave browser on a Mac running OS 10.14.3 / Mojave?

Hello Blackbird. I would like to try your extension. You indicated that users who are not running recent Chrome updates can request a compatible version of 'Drive File List Printer' from you. ("In case you need an old version of the extension, please let me know and I will release a "Drive File List Printer {OLD}" extension for you! ;)")

Do I need an old version or will the current Chrome Store version work on my system? Thanks.

Eric Smith

May 25, 2022

Folders with large number of files not showing all files without manual scrolling

I just added your extension and it appears to work beautifully, quite quick and simple. However, in my test folder I opened I had 450 files in the folder, but the initial listing only listed 50 files. I found that I had to manually scroll\load\scroll until I hit the bottom of the list (showing 50 at a time) before I could get the listing of all 450 files. Is there an available option where your tool would auto-increment the paging from google drive?

Helen Hecker

Mar 1, 2022

Can't Find this extension/app on Chrome

Running Windows 10 laptop. Using Chrome browser. Cannot find your application when I access Google drive account.

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