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uses deep learning to do math problems. WINDOWS ONLY.

*Note: This is a really cool extension which should be downloaded by anyone reading this, and you can always uninstall later. The extension allows you to draw mathematical expressions on a canvas; they will be evaluated when an equals sign is detected to the right of your expression. Deep learning is used to classify each of the numbers/symbols as they are being drawn. The model was developed using Google's Tensorflow library, and runs in python via a native messaging host. Why you should try this? - It's unique (at least I haven't seen anything like it before so don't quote me on that) - Having your computer detect what you draw is pretty cool tbh - Drawing is probably, maybe easier than typing a long-winded calculation on your computer. - Visualizing complex stuff that's written in your math notebook is nicer than using a calculator or typing a bunch of stuff into Google to inevitably not find an answer - I'm asking you nicely :) What's included in the free version: - everything What's included in the paid version: - nothing (it doesn't exist) *WARNING* If the design of...well...everything looks a bit trash, which you don't think of course, I'm not good at digital design so cut me some slack. hmu if you're better than me. Some reviews: "certified cool, epic, and good" - Billiam Gates "unparalleled levels of machine learning, building the foundation for computer science of the modern era" - Elon Msuk "huh?" - Kanye Weest "by reading this you are contractually obligated to get this extension. oh, that didn't work? rats." - Me *ANSWERS NOT GUARANTEED BY LAW TO BE ACCURATE, ESPECIALLY FOR LONGER EXPRESSIONS* (I'm working on it) As part of the installation process, you will be given instructions on how to add a registry key for the native messaging host, as well as install python and add it to PATH.

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