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Abayomi Clark (Abi)

Sep 3, 2023

Draft room flashing

ESPN draft room selections are flashing from round picks to list of ranked players. the hero sync is flashing red in the draft room. Can you help ?

Billy Andrews

Aug 27, 2023

my team from yahoo isn't showing up

this isnt working!

Zack F

Jun 30, 2023

Draft App Not Syncing

Hello, i have the league synced but the draft app will not sync with my draft room on FFPC

Jeff Gray

Oct 26, 2022

ESPN Fantasy Football

My teams are not syncing

Michael Turletsky

Sep 11, 2022


I don't see that any of the options allows for synching my league from CBS Sportsline. Please advise.

steve lumley

Sep 11, 2022

MyFantasyLeague does not sync

I have a paid subscription to Fantasy Guru which claims Draft Hero is included. I added the Chrome extension but MyFantasyLeague doesn't sync

kevin divine

Sep 8, 2022

Will not sync

Can’t get my leagues to sync tryed for hours very upsetting and very frustrating had yahoo open and draft sync also downloaded chrome and updated my iPad please help

Thaddeus Lee

Sep 5, 2022

Draft app never synced

My draft app never synced with my live draft this morning????? i had the yahoo draft on draft results as well. Draft hero never synced!!!

Akerho Oghoghomeh

Sep 1, 2022

Rankings in Draft Hero don't match my subscription

I added 4for4 rankings into my draft hero subscription for my draft this weekend. When i go into draft hero those rankings don't show up. It says it is pulling them in, but instead it is using the site rankings that were there previously.

I want the customized rankings that are generated for my CBS Fantasy league to appear in Draft Hero. Is that possible? If not can you please refund my $5?

Randy Morris

Aug 30, 2022 not syncing

My draft only has the first 2 rounds. Suggestions?

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