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Michael Perrone

May 12, 2021

May remove it, and haven't even tried it yet.

1) Although I am alright with this permission: "Permissions
Replace the page you see when opening a new tab"
Sometimes I just want a new tab to be a new tab (with default home page or search engine).
2) How do I get the icon to show on the top right in Chrome? And if I do, can I have that open a new tab for Draft by Slite, instead of changing the behavior set up for all new tabs in Chrome (that I like)?
3) Where would I find draft behaviors/steps for ones that have been saved? Such as selecting one in particular, and copying or importing the contents of it?

SUGGESTION: You might get higher rate of adoption if you pointed to a few words of HELP on topics like this, instead of just text formatting. Or maybe it is there, if I can get the icon to load. You may consider it a Chrome thing, so their responsibility, but it is not that intuitive in Chrome. I spent some time and couldn't find it in Chrome settings nor extensions, so now will have to do a search I guess. If it were in the Chrome store with other extension details, , that would help users and prospects.


Feb 16, 2021

Feature recommendation

It would be great to have possibility to embed some static content, ex. an online .txt file or any website by its URL. In that case you could have dynamic content on the draft. Thanks.

Alexandre Demers-Roberge

Jan 28, 2021

Why does pasting not work?

I want to CTRL+V or right click and paste text into Draft, but it does not work.

Robin Chappell

Sep 1, 2020

Why does this app need access to my contacts?

When installing app requests access to all my contacts: why

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