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Kevin McGonigle

Aug 18, 2023

Weird purple bar behind search bar

Hi team!

After the most recent Chrome update, I'm now seeing a weird, thin purple bar across the top of the browser, behind the search bar but in front of the navigation controls.

Sam Gonzalez

May 3, 2023

"This item has been disabled in Chrome"

I have to go to this page and re-enable it.

Eric Tessels

Sep 16, 2022



Tim Timmerman

Sep 5, 2022

Bookmark folder labels on bookmark bar unreadable

I have a number of bookmark folders on my bookmark bar. The icons present in white, but the labels on these folders present as darker grey on dark grey.
For single bookmarks on the bookmark bar, everything is fine; they present as white on dark grey.
Is there a setting I can easily tweak ?

Syd Salmon

Aug 30, 2022

"Invalid manifest" Error on Opera GX

The subject describes the problem. Every time I try to load the Dracula Theme on Opera GX (LVL4 (core: 89.0.4447.104) (x86_64)) on macOS 10.13.6 (Build 17G14042) 10.13.6 x86_64, it displays the "Invalid manifest" error message.


Jul 9, 2022

Não consigo usar e extensão

Não consigo usar a extensão no Opera GX, mesmo possuindo a extensão que possibilita usar extensões do navegador Chorme. Este é a mensagem de erro: "Invalid manifest". O que devo fazer ? Desde já agradeço.

Shaun Van Ardenne

Jun 10, 2022

Right-click menus should also be dark.

Currently when I right click on anything in the browser, the menu is white. Would be nice to see this done in Dracula theme as well.

Roope Kiviniemi

Jan 23, 2021

Edge support

Hello and thank you for this nice theme! Are you planning to release this the to Edge since it has theme support too in Store:

Rodrigo Santos

Jan 14, 2021

I can´t see the extension

whenever i go to the extension manager it says that tehre is no dracula extension and i can´t disable it

Kirpal Singh

Mar 29, 2019

Issue with Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave

On Mac Mojave, with Dark Mode enabled address bar selection color has become white making text disappear on selection.

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