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Terry Owens

Nov 21, 2023

how do i download

how do i download

Jill Tidwell

Jan 13, 2020

I'm trying to add to chrome

I'm trying to add to chrome so I can download tv shows. I don't know if chrome to actually added. Can you tell me how to get it to work so I can download tv shows online?

kamal engels

Nov 6, 2018

404 error

when i try to go to the playstore to download your app i get an 404 error. normal search does not show it in playstore anymore. is it still available?



Sep 7, 2018

i cant search

i cant search

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 25, 2018

Chrome OS wrong version

When I tried to get help on a redirect virus from a Youtube video, the instructions for help do not match by installed OS. There is no more button no advanced settings and no Chrome icon by address bar. Msnage search engines is not working and update has not changed this in 5 months. . Rich

margaret cuthbertson

Mar 16, 2018

hp printer

want to add hp printer to my laptop printer is wireless

Shiv Kataria

Aug 8, 2017

not wporking

not wporking

Andrea Schaffer

Aug 2, 2017

I want to go back the last movie

cant get back to last movie I was watching

Andrea Schaffer

Aug 2, 2017

open last movie

i want to get back to the movie i watching

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 28, 2017

Abode fllash

i need to download the newest verson of flash

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