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Bob Jones

Apr 10, 2023

only one table is downloaded, can I pay you to improve functionality?

I need to convert the table with all of the numbers under Races in the middle of the page for this site: Could I pay you to include this functionality?

JW Smythe

Aug 28, 2022

Doesn't work on JLCPCB

I'm trying to save the table of parts on a JLCPCB search. They are using divs, not tables, but I'd think a lot of people trying to use this won't know the difference.

Normal copy & paste combines column 5, 6, and 7. It also gets confused with extra text like "Standard Only", offsetting some columns when I copy & paste.

This is a sample result that I was trying to work with.

If this worked, it would have saved me some time.

Shot Stories

Aug 4, 2020

nothing is happening

I have selected the table and then the download to csv option but nothing is happening

VFW10427 QM

Aug 2, 2020

Download of CSV files keeps going to my notepad

All my CSV files I try to download go directly to my note pad - how do I correct this

sohail lucky

Jul 5, 2019


free call app not download why

Robin Karinen

Apr 28, 2019

Variable based file naming

Could you add functionality where I could set the file name of the file to be saved? For starters it would be nice to be able to save based on element's value, say saving the csv file as "pagetitle".csv (based on <title> element).. Furthermore, there could be way to enable a date+time suffix, a running number and of course totally customizing the html element name which's value should be used as the name.

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