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Banana Man From Adventure Time!

Jan 7, 2023

Voice always the same

No matter what voice I select, it's always the same robotic female. Using Firefox 108.0.2 (64-bit) and has always worked the last year(?) I've been using it, until today when I noticed it played a female voice instead of the male voice I had previously set.

Kate Fahr

Jul 27, 2022

No custom sound is a complete dealbreaker

I wanted this specifically to use a custom sound. Since I cannot, I'm removing it from Chrome.


Rainbow Warrior Princess

Sep 15, 2019

BUG: No download sound

Speech output works, but not the download sound

Damien Qualtz

Apr 19, 2019

Download Sound

Hi! Love the software but it could be greater with just a little more customization...
1- Would be cool to have a different sound for Download Complete/Download Fail (I know that speech output can do it but I'd like a different sound effect instead).

1a- To take the standard sound effect or to customize it would be nice too! (wav or mp3 on the pc itself would be nice)

2- A fail un 0kb file couldn't hurt

Keep up the good work!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 11, 2019

Download Sound for Opera

Is that yours too? The icon looks the same but the developer is "mberry10", not "BPS" like in Firefox and Chrome. Thanks for the explanation.

Lyoko M. Eisenstein

Jan 17, 2015

Custom Sound

Helpful extension, could be better if the sound can be customizable.

Cheers :)

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