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Kate Bringe

Mar 22, 2022

Custom Sound?

Is there a way to change the sound for completed downloads? Thanks! Love the pluggy!

Zongyuan Guo

Jul 18, 2020

Download failed notification

Really need to know when the download is failed.

Rainbow Warrior Princess

Sep 15, 2019

Doesn't work anymore

No text notification, no download sound notfication

Peter Lemeššanyi

Oct 17, 2017

Custom sound?

Hi, I would love to use custom file for a sound. Ideally wider support of formats (ogg, mp3, wav and flac?). Thanks for consideration and wonderful little plugin!

Or Schiro

May 13, 2016

Only show notifications for large files?

Dear all,

Would it be possible to only show notifications for large downloads that pass a certain size threshold?



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