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Jose Nobile

Aug 3, 2022 CORS problem when extension is enabled

When accessing to the extension modifies from


then, the response of any static CDN content from facebook (CSS, JS, Images, fonts, etc) as,cross/EQv5aYECiqw.css?_nc_x=ZKcX50vtxt9

responses with


but, as the URL is the content is not loaded with error:

CORS error: AllowOriginMismatch

When extension is disabled

requests is

And the response from Facebook CDN is:

access-control-allow-origin: *

Then the content is loaded.

Please, do not modify headers request when accessing URL != as

Anthony Coombs

Apr 27, 2021

Download from Comment?

Trying to download a video that was published in the comment section of a Facebook thread but can't see how to do this. It will only download the original posting video.

Can this be used to download a video from a comment?

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