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francisco rocha de assis filho

Dec 5, 2023

O google está bloqueando a instalação do double click

O google está bloqueando a instalação do double click to..

Mike Rios

Mar 16, 2023

Double Click to Go Back in Browser

The ability to double click to go back 1 page in the browser would be an awesome update for this plug in. If you do add this functionality, I would be happy to write a positive review and send a tip if you have a tip page. Thanks for your time. - Mike

Ale-Watze Wiegersma

Mar 13, 2020

Double click empty space to go back to previous page in history

Hello there, From my software engineering background I've come to value the option to double click an empty space to go back one page in history in different software. I'm looking for it for Chrome but I can't find it. Hopefully your plugin can be made to do this?


Jan 7, 2020

Need an extension that lets me set custom text selection for double click

When you double click a word right now, "-" is treated as a border. I want to be able to double click to select all text in between two quotes, or all text with :-. separators included:

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 11, 2018


it's possible to add double click to close all other tabs except the current one (and the pinned tabs, of course)?

Sebastian Capone

Jun 20, 2018

Funciona Genial!!

Of all extesiones the ones that I have tried, the one that works! Fantastic!
¡De todas las extesiones que he probado, esta es la única que funciona! ¡Fantástica!


Feb 23, 2018

Navigation lock

Please add with double clicking on web page to lock navigation (perfect locking).

Manfred Fischer

Nov 1, 2017


aktuellen Tab neu laden fände ich sehr sinnvoll, Gruß Manfred


May 21, 2017

Double click on links

Like suggested by someone please add double clicking on links and bookmarks.

Roelans Michel (Michedou)

Dec 10, 2016

Dbl click on link opens in new tab in the background

Once again, please. In other words: dbl click = ctrl+click. Have been using Firefox for years with this easy extension and searching for the same in Chrome cos Firefox crasches keeping it open for days with a dozen of opened tabs (Known issue but so far no solution for mounths...) Thanks

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