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Mahesh Krishna

Oct 8, 2019

Needed query parameter addition to URLs to support switching environments

I work on a daily basis to switch environments regularly and as such I love this extension. There are cases where I need to append params at the end to load another version of it. I know that it is a rare scenario but and option to enable it when needed would be great.

While the real the Prod URL is

Let me know how you can help me on this

jordan austin

Mar 15, 2019

Great extension - idea

During development I often have 20+ tabs open, some with domain A, some with domain B, C etc. It would be great if those tabs could have a color or an icon indicating which domain they're attached to

Thank you so much for this extension!!!

Roland Tóth

Oct 3, 2018

Open in new tab

It would be great if there was an option to open domains on a new tab (perhaps with middle mouse click?). I use the extension to compare the dev/test/prod versions of websites and it would help keeping the current domain in place.

Daniel Grossfeld

Feb 12, 2017

cool extension, needs HTTPS support

hi! This seems very useful. But when I switch between domains, I also need to switch protocols, since my development server doesn't support HTTPS while my staging and production environments *require* it. Any way to (optionally) include the protocol in the route would be much appreciated!

Jonny MacEachern

Nov 28, 2016


Any chance you could add the option to keybind environments? (e.g. alt+1 = 1st environment, alt+2 = 2nd environment)

Alex M

Apr 28, 2016

Save settings in the cloud

I am using a synced google account. Could the host settings be also stored in that account to be used across all browsers where I sign in?

Alex M

Apr 25, 2016

Add domains by convention

We usually have environments like this: (LIVE) (Public testing instance)

So it would be great if we could add this structure once as configuration and then have new domains we add automatically "inherit" this convention.

Sam Edwards

Feb 5, 2016

Ability to export all projects and share with others

Can't explain how happy this extension has made me! I've set up 4 projects with about 6 different domains in each, would be amazing to be able to just export this as an overall project and share it with others so they could copy my setup instead of setting up from scratch!

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