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tmp abdullah

Jun 7, 2023

need custom css guide

how can i use custom css, i wrote css in the option and pressed the check button (maybe it saves it) and after reopening it the options is empty and do i have to write "#contentWrap" selector and its tag or i can do it without it.

please add the guide to how to use custom css in extension's description.


Barry Newton

Apr 17, 2023

DOM Distiller Mode

This previously great extension has stopped working on my Windows 10 PC. I tried removing it and re-installing it, but it still hangs (spinning circle) when I try to load it.


Apr 1, 2022

blur letters

just blur the words.

Simon Patfield

Feb 8, 2021

Thank you.

This extension is incredible. It changes my life, I read a lot of articles and I hit my key command to bring up your extension dozens of times a day. Thank you. I've tried all the others, you're simply works.

A couple more options would be nice for formatting, not everyone can handle the css.
Here's mine.

.light {background: white;}
#contentWrap {text-align: left;}
#mainContent {text-align: left; max-width: 950px; margin: 30px;}
a {text-decoration: none;}

Lovely. Thanks again.

Simon Patfield

David Domingues

Feb 5, 2021


How data does the extension uses or keeps

Amit Kumar Maiti

Jan 28, 2021

Full screen text adjustment

Please provide option to text re-flow so that text aligns itself to visible area. Thanks

Микола Тимощук

Jun 30, 2019


Hi! App stops working correctly with sites like this.


Apr 14, 2019

please support export to pdf with the READ MODE page style .

please support export to pdf with the READ MODE page style .thanks!

Nikolaos Papathanassopoulos

Feb 5, 2019

Google Translate

Breaks the embedded Google Translate function.
Chrome says the site is in italian. I assume because you are italian and so is your chrome extension. It breaks the translation.

Love the tool though, because it's a hassle to activate it manually and the posssibility for css style overrides is amazing.

Ami Rojkes Dombe

Jan 23, 2019

Not working with cookies blocking

When I enable Chrome blocking cookies, the plugin stops working

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