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Radwell International

Jan 4, 2023

Discontinue our subscription

I have removed the extension. Please discontinue our subscription. Thank you

Pavan Choudhary

Oct 10, 2022

Log in option not show

Login download option is not available, please tell

Jettie Muller

Oct 10, 2022

Terms of Service

I have spent over 30 minutes trying to find where to accept terms of service for dollar eighty because I cannot move forward with the sign-up process unless I do. I would sincerely appreciate your help.



Oct 10, 2022

Android phone

How can I use it on my android phone

Syed Saud Hashmi

Oct 10, 2022


There is no login option it's difficult to get into it make a perfect Gide or way , also a review video

Mihir Jamod

Oct 10, 2022

Instagram follow me please please please 🥺🥺🥺 my account @m. J. 5.

Instagram follow me please please please 🥺🥺🥺🥺 my account @m. J. 5

Britt Correia

Oct 10, 2022

Post Images Not Loading

None of the post images are loading throughout the app. It brings up a blank gray screen and my entire explore/posts pages are full of blank, gray squares.

Kelly Singh

Oct 10, 2022

Broken images

All images are broken. I've tried everything to fix it.

Nishchaiy Dakhane

Oct 10, 2022

$80 broken. Kindly assist

Unable to see anything across my targets, no pics, nothing, everything seems broke.
restarted many times. pictures have broken icon on top left corners. Kindly fix asap as it is impacting my business. Its high priority.

Nishchaiy Dakhane

Oct 10, 2022

Issues with posting comments

This is a serious problem ongoing with $80 lately. So basically when I am commenting continuously on different IG accounts, when the target reaches around 50-60 it automatically unlinks IG & then IG locks my account stating suspicious activities. This has happened 3 times exactly the same way. This is creating raising security issues on IG & they are giving problems to my accounts. Kindly look into this serious matter asap & provide a fix. I have been using $80 since 5 months & it never did that. However after the recent update of $80 , this problem is been ongoing. Kindly assist. Thank you!

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