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Mariusz Rozpędek

Mar 17, 2023

Custom citation format

I've just discovered your Chrome plugin and I'm very pleased with the capabilities that DOI Resolver provides.
Do you plan to add the ability to set your own publication citation format to it?
I think such a feature would be very useful.

Sebastian Schuster

Dec 14, 2021

Problem with DOI of thesis


Thank you very much for this great extension!

I recently encountered the DOI "20.500.11956/34662". When I enter it at, it is resolved, but the Chrome resolver returns that it is not a valid DOI. Can DOI such as this be resolved also here, somehow?

Kind regards

Carl-Erik Høyum

Dec 12, 2019

Endnote link

I love this extention! Would it be possible to add a downloadable file for endnote in the citation generator?
Carl from Norway(:

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