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Вадмм Абрамов

Jul 3, 2022


приложение не работает пишет No data found

Abdelrahman Khaled

Jan 18, 2021

Again not showing correct shipping status

the extension says that this item cannot be shipped to egypt with the seller Amazon :

Although I can buy this item and ship to egypt when Amazon is the seller

Jaime Red

Mar 24, 2020

better location for button?

would it be possible to place the button directly at the list so one doesn't have to open every product page to check?

Abdelrahman Khaled

Dec 20, 2019

Many Items Sold by Amazon are not shown correctly

When I open an item that can be sold and shiped to my location (Egypt) by amazon , then click the search buttom , the extension told me that Amazon can't ship that item to Egypt and give me another link to the item when clicked at Amazon name at the generated list , that link when clicked show that the item is not at the Stock and can't be shipped to Egypt !!
I think this is because the item will be available at the stock at a future date and the extension can't extract that information from , so it assume that the item is out of stock from Amazon seller and can't be shipped to Egypt .
Example :
This is the link to an item which I could buy at Egypt :

This is the generatend Link for the same item using the Extension which is not shiped to Egypt

Dave Forsey

May 25, 2018

Does not work on Amazon Smile

Can you also allow this extension to access and Amazon Smile sends 0.5% of the order cost to charity. It's free to use but for some reason uses a subdomain.

Saurabh Gunjal

Dec 28, 2017

Please add shipping charges column

Please add shipping charges column

David Koschat

Nov 15, 2017

Shipping rate

Would be cool to see the right shipping costs to the specific country from the warehouse dealers.


Sep 23, 2017


Great visual revamp!
Thank You!
It's still not very very precise, though, but gives a reasonable insight.


Sep 22, 2017

Faulty sometimes

It gives wrong or inconsistent read-back sometimes. Still a helpful tool nonetheless.

Amit Friedmann

Jul 24, 2017

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