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deark groep4

Nov 15, 2023




Jun 11, 2023



Mosther Hilaire

Feb 2, 2023


je arrive pas faire copies et pass.

Elka laia Elka

Sep 12, 2022

change language in the google doc

in the tool for my translation it doesn't exist so I can't translate it for the google doc

Zoia Leguizamon

Nov 26, 2021

Meus documentos

Usualmente faço uso deste aplicativo do google, fiz uma atualização e não consigo achar meus documentos, minhas aulas de italiano...

Stirlitz Gonzalez Garcia

Nov 23, 2021

chrome issue

when i open the chrome web store and i choose any app or extension i want to add, there's no ''add to chrome'' option next to them. My model is an Acer Chromebook 314


Jul 18, 2019

demande d'aide

je voudrais mettre mes vidéos en format accepté par youtube

Ricardo Liborio

Mar 3, 2019

Word File Editor

Good night ! I am not able to use your application in Google Chrome! Where should I start? Have tutorial videos teaching you how to use your Google Chrome extension? I want to make docx files, doc, but I do not know where to start. I do not know how to use your extension in google chrome! How should I proceed ? Best Regards , Ricardo Libório Rivas de Castro . Brazil .

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 25, 2018

Communication barrier

I believe that you may turn people away who skim-so much about money they may think it costs a lot.As well as those who read it and think they are going to hit it big. I think it could flow much nicer and would better serve the product it represents if these adjustments were made.

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