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An all-in-one AI assistant ready to answer your questions, assist with your work, reading, and writing tasks

🔥 Docky is your all-in-one AI assistant, integrating ChatGPT and GPT-4o to provide seamless assistance for your conversations, reading, and writing, boosting your work efficiency by leaps and bounds. Simply press Cmd/Alt + K, and the Docky sidebar will appear instantly, ready to tackle all sorts of challenges for you. 🌟 Main Features 🌟 1️⃣ Conversing with AI: ✅ Multi-model support: Integrates multiple models including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4o, continuously upgrading to bring you the cutting-edge AI experience! ✅ Real-time information: Connects in real-time to fetch the latest information, ensuring each answer is precise and reliable. ✅ AI group chat: Engage in multi-party conversations with numerous models or bots using the @ feature! ✅ Quick commands: Easily enter "/" commands to quickly bring up smart prompts. ✅ Files and images: Directly send files and images to AI for analysis and interpretation. 2️⃣ Reading: ✅ Web reading: Summarize the content of current web pages with one click, improving your information intake efficiency. ✅ File reading: Supports reading various file formats such as PDF, Word, PPT, making knowledge accessible everywhere. ✅ Image reading: Accurately describes image content, recognizing text and objects, making image understanding a breeze. 3️⃣ Writing: ✅ Composing: Whether it's articles, papers, emails, or tweets, Docky lends a hand, and you can even customize the language, tone, and style. ✅ Replying: Provides basic reply content, with Docky instantly generating appropriate response texts. ✅ Spelling and grammar check: Real-time checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, ensuring your copy is flawless. 4️⃣ Translation: ✅ Text translation: Utilizes AI technology for precise translations, supporting barrier-free multilingual communication. ✅ Web translation (coming soon): Easily convert web content, with original text comparison, making learning limitless. 5️⃣ Web Enhancement: ✅ Search engine enhancement: Enhances the search results of major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). ✅ Smart toolbar: Trigger the toolbar by selecting text, making it easy to explain, translate, continue writing, and more. 6️⃣ Artistic Creation: ✅ Turn text into images, freely choose size and style, or artistically process existing pictures. Unleash your creativity! 🚀 How to Use 🚀 ➡️ Search for Docky in the extension store and install it ➡️ Log in or register an account ➡️ Press Cmd/Ctrl + K to bring up the sidebar ➡️ Start your journey with Docky! 💡 FAQs 💡 🤔 Is Docky free? - Docky offers a basic free quota. After the quota is exhausted, you can subscribe to enjoy more features and a larger usage quota. 🤔 I can't use ChatGPT in my region, is Docky available? - Of course! Docky is not subject to regional restrictions and can be used anywhere in the world. 🤔 What's the difference between it and ChatGPT? I already have ChatGPT, why should I use Docky? - Docky offers features such as AI group chat, multi-model support, context retention, web enhancement, artistic creation, and more that ChatGPT does not have, enriching your AI experience. 💌 Contact Us 💌 If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions, please feel free to email us at: ⭐️ Choose Docky for smarter and more efficient work and creativity! ⭐️

4.8 out of 574 ratings

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Dawne BenwayJul 17, 2024

Excited about diving deeper into integrating more AI models!

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Fridee JamesJul 2, 2024

It's helped me communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients

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Franklin WatsonJul 2, 2024

The quality of the content it generates is unparalleled.


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